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      Started Our Trading Business in Agricultural Inputs & Equipment
      Entry in Industrial World: Refined Papain Processing
      Public Limited
      in 1986
      Plants Globally
      Dealers &
      Distributers Globally
      126 +
      Countries Reached Through
      Our Product & Service
      Aggregate Revenues
      as on 31st Mar 2018
      Market Capitalisation
      as on Jan 2018
      Farmers’ Lives Have Been Touched Globally

      Touching Lives in more ways than one

      Our Proposition

      • Small Ideas. Big Revolutions.®
      • More Crop Per Drop.®
      • Transforming Lives; Enhancing Prosperity.
      • Creating Shared Value.
      • Doing Well By Doing Good.

      Corporate Philosophy

      Establish leadership in whatever we do at home & abroad.
      Leave this world better than you found it.
      鈥?Serve & strive through strain & stress.
      鈥?Do our noblest, that's success.
      Quality Perspective
      Make quality a way of life.
      Work Culture
      Experience: Work is life, life is work.

      We revere these elements of our universe. They reflect our ethos.

      Yellow, Green, Blue and Brown are colours of Nature and have been embodied in our logo. They encapsulate the conviction of the Founder and the lasting commitment of the Corporation to agriculture. Jain Irrigation is striving to add value to the entire agri-chain. At the same time, they produce and process a complete range of agri-products for the exacting world markets and growing domestic clientele. The Corporation is poised to grow and attain water, food and energy security.
      As the prevailing irrigation set-up in India is not a very encouraging scenario, Jain Irrigation has yet again innovated and introduced the revolutionary concept - Jain Integrated Irrigation Solution (JIIS)
      Jain Logic™
      Jain Logic™ delivers real-time data from sensors in the field to any internet connected mobile device, tablet or computer in an easy-to-use and intuitive interface
      Jain Irrigation Receives 鈧?1.27 Bn Export Order From RWANDA
      Jain Irrigation Systems Limited (JISL) today announced award of $18.27Million(Approx. 鈧?127 Crores) contract by Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB), Kigali, Rwanda for irrigation & watershed development (1220 /1752 Ha) in Mahama Sector under Export Targeted Modern Irrigated Agriculture Projects in Rwanda.
      Continuous Water Supply with Constant Positive Pressure so that user may draw the water 24 hours a day & 7 days a week
      This concept will have additional advantages of minimum land rehabilitation issues, lower gestation period and higher return on investments. This pattern has been adapted all over the world, including under developed regions of Africa. Need of the hour is to take agriculture as an article of faith and not merely a business.

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      Head Office: Jain Plastic Park, NH No.6 Bambhori, Jalgaon 425001.Maharashtra, India. Tel: +91 257 225 8011., CIN : L29120MH1986PLC042028.
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